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Zazenkai/ Zazen Practice Class

Date and Time: 1st and 3rd Sunday, 9:00-10:30 A.M.
Fee: Free (Advance telephone reservation required)
Guidance by our trainee monk is available for the beginners.
Please feel free to join us.

Morning Sutra Chanting

Morning Sutra Chanting

In Koshoji, every morning we practice Morning sutra chanting for the peace of the world and our country, happiness of sentient beings and ancestors connected with the temple. Please join us.
4:30 Dawn Zazen
5:30 Morning Sutra Chanting
6:30 Morning Meal (Rice gruel)
7:00 Daytime Labor
Except every 4th and 9th day.If you would like to join us, please make reservation by the day before.
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ADRESS @@27-1,Uji-yamada,Uji-city,Kyoto 611-0021,Japan
T E L@@ +81-774-21-2040
OPENING HOURS@@From dawn to sunset i5:00~17:00jThe hours may vary according to the monastic schedule.

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