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Address: 27-1 Uji Yamada, Uji, Kyoto
Donation for Parking: 500yen (We will give you a refund at the reception if you come for a ceremony)
By Public Transport
(Keihan Uji Line) 15 minutesf walk from Uji Station
(JR Nara Line) 25 minutesf walk from Uji Station
Hours: Dawn to Sunset (Approximately 5:00 to 17:00) Restrictions apply in the case of temple events.


  yPublic Areaz
If you would like to see the inside of the buildings, an admission fee (500 yen) is required. Guided tour is available if you call in advance. (Donation is necessary)

yGroup Visitz
We accept groups of students and other study tours. Keeping in mind the length of you stay, a guided tour is available. Please call us for details.
…If you wish, write a red seal. In addition, there is also an original Red stamp book.…

300 yen: Seal of Copied Sutra Submission
If you donft have a book for seals, paper with seal is available.

2,000 yen:Red stamp book
After purchase, admission will be free upon presentation.

Click here for Experience of Zazen and Sutra TranscribingyHerez


Tenarai Kannon (Cultural Assets):
Avalokitesvara is enshrined in the Treasure Hall. It is said to have been enshrined at gTenarai no morih where the historic remains from 10 chapters of Uji in gThe Tale of Genjih are kept.
(Please visit to see it when open to the public)
“VŽ±“°à–¾   “VŽ±“°’ë
Large Drawing Room (Daishoin): Built in 1912. Empress Teimei visited this room in 1919.
Kotozaka: It is called gKotozakah
Because the shape of slender slope and the sounds of the mountain stream sound like a harp. It is famous for beautiful autumn leaves.


Buddhafs Birthday Festival
‰ÔÕ‚è_2   ‰ÔÕ‚è_3
This event is founded on the legend that Shakyamuni Buddha was born on April 8th of the lunar calendar. We prepare a small pavilion decorated with various plants and flowers and pour sweet tea over the baby Buddha statue.
Memorial Ceremony for the Founding Abbot
For three days on September 27th to 28th, priests from all over the Japan gather to hold this ceremony in order to remember the virtue of Dogen Zenji who is the founding abbot of Koshoji.
Tea Festival
’ƒÕ‚è_2   ’ƒÕ‚è_3
This event is to express gratitude to Eisai Zenji, Myoe Shonin and Senno Rikyu, the three tea founders who were dedicated to developing tea, and to pray for the prosperity of Uji tea.
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