Koshoji was founded in the first year of Tenpuku (1233) by Dogen Zenji,
the earliest Soto Zen Monastery in Japan.

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About Koshoji

Koshoji, the earliest training monastery in Japan, founded by Dogen Zenji.

Koshoji is officially called "Buttokuzan Kannon Dori-in Kosho Horin Zenji”. It is the first Zen temple in Japan, in Fukakusa, Fushimi, founded in 1233 by Dogen Zenji, who had returned to Japan from China.
There are more than 14,000 Soto Zen temples in Japan today, here is the eldest Zen Monastery.
Later, in 1645, in the early Edo period, Naomasa Nagai, the lord of Yodo Castle, invited Ban-nan eiju Zenji, as revival founder (Chuko Kaisan) to rebuilt Koshoji in Uji, and it remains today.


  • Annual Event

    Uji is surrounded by the beauty of the four seasons by the mountains of Buttoku and Asahi, we continue to maintain and transmit the teachings of Zen in perpetuity.

  • Grounds

    The temple grounds, constructed according to the Shichido Garan style (seven halls monastic complex) style, are so majestic by reference the history and a quiet atmosphere that makes visitors feel solemn and tranquil.

  • Experience

    We are offering a variety of activities, such as Zazen session for beginners, sutra tracing, overnight visits to the temple, Rohatsu Sesshin and Jodo-e, memorial services and lectures, and more.

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Buttoku-san Koshoji, Soto Zen Buddhism
27-1, Ujiyamada, Uji-city, Kyoto Japan, 611-0021
TEL: +81(0)774-21-2040
Traffic Information
About 15 minutes walk from Uji station of Keihan Uji line / About 25 minutes walk from Uji station of JR Nara line.

Buttoku-san Koshoji, Soto Zen Buddhism