Teaching of Dogen Zenji


"one's own self" refers not only to the body and mind, but also to the entire world of life that is lived moment by moment, which cannot be divided into subjective and objective categories. To awaken to this fact and live is the way of the Buddha.


Maintain your posture and breathing and face yourself.

The fundamental teaching of the Soto Zen Buddhism is zazen. Dogen Zenji, the founder of the Soto Zen school, wrote the following in his "Fukan Zazengi (Universally Recommended Instructions for Zazen)”; [The zazen I speak of is not meditation practice. It is simply the dharma gate of joyful ease, the practice- realization of totally culminated enlightenment.] In other words, zazen is not a method of training for the goal of enlightenment, but a gateway to tranquility of body and mind. The essence of zazen at Koshoji is taste of unassuming and temple's unique modesty. When you wish to make your body and mind calm in the midst of your busy daily life. When you want to be released from your worries and sufferings. It doesn't matter what the motivation is. Please make time to face yourself in quiet zazen.

Monthly Zazen session

We hold zazen sessions twice a month. If you are a beginner, please come 30 minutes before the meeting to join for instruction on manners and rituals. The monthly zazen meeting schedule is announced on our website or on our LINE group. If you wish to subscribe, please click here to register. The event will be cancelled if there is temple event.

  • Admission: Free (visitors fee is required)
  • Reservations: Not required
Zazen Experience session

For those who are interested in doing zazen for the first time, we offer gentle instruction. Please call in advance to make a reservation before coming.

  • Fee: 1,000 JPY (also visitors fee is required)
  • Reservations: Required


Rohatsu Sesshin Jodo-e (Ceremony Commemorating the Awakening of Buddha Shakyamuni).

Jodo-e is a ceremony held on Rohatsu day (December 8th), in accordance the day of Buddha’s enlightenment. In Zen temples, it is traditional to hold a Sesshin (intensive zazen practice) to reflect on the Buddha's zazen under the Bodhi tree. In order to avoid the crowds of autumn leaves, we hold a five-day Sesshin in the middle of December, and Jodo-e ceremony is practiced after this Sesshin.

  • Date and time: Contact us for details.
  • Fee: Contact us for more information.
  • Reservations: Required (please contact us at least one day in advance)
  • ※Please contact us for more details.


The serenity, the comfort of mindlessness.

Participants are able to have practice in quiet mind, with soaking the teachings of the Buddha in each character. We will provide samples of the Hannya Shingyo and Enmei Jikku Kannongyo, tools, etc. This sutra tracing is an opportunity to reflect on your own mind by carefully tracing sutra one letter at a time with a straighter back. For those who wish to have a quiet time to face oneself, or for those who wish to cultivate concentration and patience as a spiritual practice, why don't you make a time to "reset your mind" to face yourself through sutra tracing in today's crowded society?

Date and Time
Open at any time
Hannya Shingyo: about 1 hour, Enmei Jikku Kannongyo: about 15 minutes
Number of persons
From 1 person
1,000 JPY
Required (reservations can also be made on the day)

Due to the temple events, we may not be able to accept reservation, please call or e-mail us for more information.


Learning Zen. Live each day with reverence.

The Buddha Shakyamuni taught the proper way for people to live in happiness. Our life is a journey along that way, and our daily lives are a part of that sequence.
Zazen is a way of life itself, including walking, sitting, arranging our footwears, and using our words, etc. knowing how to do these things and living each day reverently is the gateway to Zen.
We invite you to join us in reflecting on your daily life through the teachings of Dogen Zenji. Please participate if you have opportunity.

Zazen and Dharma Talk Gathering

The "Shobogenzo," written by Dogen Zenji, the founder of Koshoji and the founder of the Soto Zen Buddhism, is, as its title indicates, an extensive presentation of the true teachings of the sutras handed down from the Buddha through the successive ancestors.
At the monthly "Zazen and Dharma Talks gathering" our instructors lecture on the "Shobogenzo" and share the profound enlightenment of Dogen Zenji accompanied by zazen.

  • Date and time: Information will be provided in the website.
  • Fee: Free
  • Reservations: Not required
Kaisanki (Founder’s Memorial)

On the Founder’s Memorial service, a number of Buddhist instruments are used in solemn, and the tablets of the founder and successive generations are invited to the Ceremony Hall from the Robaian (Founders’ Hall).

  • Date and time:September 26th to 28th
  • Fee:Free (visitors fee is required)
  • Reservations: not required

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